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Planning a house extension to your home can offer great value and functionality to your lifestyle, while solving one or several of your homes current problems. It can also offer numerous benefits, both in terms of practicality and financial investment, including;

  1. Additional Living Space: Home extensions provide extra room for your family to live and grow. You can add bedrooms, living areas, or even a home office.
  2. Increased Property Value: A well-planned extension can significantly increase the value of your property, offering a return on investment when you decide to sell.
  3. Customisation: You have the freedom to design the extension to match your specific needs and preferences, ensuring it complements the existing structure.
  4. Avoid Moving Costs: Extending your home can be a cost-effective alternative to moving to a larger property, considering the expenses associated with moving costs, all additional agent fees and taxes with buying and selling homes.
  5. Create Open Plan Spaces: Extensions and remodelling can help create open-plan living areas, which are popular for modern living. An open plan space will make your home feel more spacious, open, and airy.
  6. Improved Lifestyle: Additional space can enhance your overall quality of life, making your home more comfortable and accommodating.
  7. Personal Enjoyment: Most importantly, a home extension allows you to stay in a location you love, while enjoying the benefits of a larger, more functional home
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Careful planning is crucial for your home extension. You should consider local zoning regulations, building permits, your budget, and the overall design to make the most of the benefits. While some people choose to handle these tasks themselves, they often find it overwhelming and time-consuming, especially before construction starts. As a professional home extension builder, we’re here to help and guide you with this process.

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At Woodstock Building Services we will help you achieve the best results with your house extension design ideas. In order to achieve the best outcome, we undertake the following steps with you:

Process Overview: To Building Your Dream Extension

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your desired living space outcome in a no-obligation consultation.
  2. Preliminary Building Agreement: As a Fee for Service, prepare an agreement outlining essential details for a Building Permit, including Concept Drawings and cost estimates.
  3. Concept Drawings Creation: Engage a professional draftsperson to create your extension’s Concept Drawings. Seek approvals and provide a preliminary cost estimate.
  4. Permit Arrangement: Handle required permits as part of the Preliminary Building Agreement. Note this process may take a significant amount of time, so it is advisable to account for this in your timeline.
  5. Design Elements Discussion: Explore design elements, such as lighting, cabinets, fittings, and more. Our interior design consultants can assist you.
  6. Fixed Price Contract: Prepare a ‘fixed price’ contract with specifications and ‘out of scope’ items, and Design Elements. Ensure’s all costs are clear before commencing work.
  7. Project Commencement: After permits, contract signing, and deposit payment, its time to schedule the project and start date for your new extension.

Limited spaces available in our 2024 schedule.

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